Korean Society of Environmental Restoration Technology

  • Editor-in-Chief : Sung, Hyun-Chan (Dankook University)
  • ISSN : 1229-3032
  • 6 issues per year
Aims and Scope:
The Korean Society of Environmental Restoration Technology is an academic journal in the discipline of environmental restoration and technology. The journal publishes articles spanning a diverse range of fields that include research and development for restoration, creation, protection and management of diverse environment, as well as prediction, evaluation, and planning of various ecosystem or landscape dealing with environmental, economical and social sustainability. The Korean Society of Environmental Restoration Technology welcomes original research articles, Original Technical Articles, review articles, and Special issues.

Vol.27  No.3  2024

The Characteristics of Early Changes in Vegetation Structure by Forest Cover Type after Forest Fire Damage in Uljin region 
김태운 Kim Tae-woon , 한영섭 Han Young-sub , 이성호 Lee Sung-ho , 임채영 Lim Chae-young , 허태철 Hur Tae-chul , 임창균 Im Chang-kyun , 길민경 Gil Min-kyung , 박준형 Park Joon-hyung
JEWNR 27(3) 1-18, 2024    
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Study on the Feeding Preferences of Luciola unmunsana Larvae 
정문선 Jeong Moon-sun , 김종만 Kim Jong-man , 임현정 Lim Hyun-j Eong
JEWNR 27(3) 19-28, 2024    
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A Study on the Application of Modeling to predict the Distribution of Legally Protected Species Under Climate Change - A Case Study of Rodgersia podophylla - 
유영재 Yoo Youngjae , 황진후 Hwang Jinhoo , 전성우 Jeon Seong-woo
JEWNR 27(3) 29-43, 2024    
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Examination of Soil Contamination Status and Improvement Strategies within Urban Development Projects 
허수정 Heo Sujung , 이동근 Lee Dong-kun , 김은섭 Kim Eunsub , 전성우 Jeon Seong-woo , Jin Zhiying
JEWNR 27(3) 45-56, 2024    
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Coastline Changes in the Tumen River Estuary over the Past 35 Years Using the Landsat Satellite Imagery 
Zhao Yuwei , Zhao Shuqing , Xu Zhen , 이동근 Lee Dongkun
JEWNR 27(3) 57-66, 2024    
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Estimating carbon dioxide uptake in wetland ecosystems of Tumen River Basin using eddy covariance flux data 
Chen Pengshen , Zhao Shuqing , Cui Guishan , 이동근 Lee Dongkun
JEWNR 27(3) 67-74, 2024    
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