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Vol.27  No.2  2024

Four strategic approaches to the national nature restoration plan for achieving carbon neutrality and national environment recovery 
손승우 Son Seung-woo , 이상혁 Lee Sang-hyuk , 김병석 Kim Byung-suk , 이길상 Lee Gil-sang , 최희선 Choi Hee-sun
KAYW 27(2) 1-16, 2024   
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A Study on the Site-Level Assessment Criteria of OECM in Korea for Achieving Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework - Focusing on the National Gariwangsan Natural Recreation Forest - 
심윤진 Shim Yun-j In , 성정원 Sung Jung-won , 이경철 Lee Kyeong-cheol , 권형근 Kweon Hyeong-keun , 이다현 Lee Da-hyun , 안종빈 An Jong-bin
KAYW 27(2) 17-28, 2024   
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Text Analysis on the Research Trends of Nature Restoration in Korea 
이길상 Lee Gil-sang , 정예림 Jung Yee-r Im , 송영근 Song Young-keun , 이상혁 Lee Sang-hyuk , 손승우 Son Seung-woo
KAYW 27(2) 29-42, 2024   
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Variations in Ecological Niche of Quercus variabilis and Quercus acutissima Leaf Morphological Characters in Response to Moisture and Nutrient Gradient Treatments under Climate Change Conditions 
박여빈 Park Yeo-bin , 김의주 Kim Eui-joo , 박재훈 Park Jae-hoon , 김윤서 Kim Yoon-seo , 박지원 Park Ji-won , 이정민 Lee Jung-min , 유영한 You Young-han
KAYW 27(2) 43-53, 2024   
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Diel Activity Patterns of Water Deer (Hydropotes inermis) and Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) in a Suburban Area Monitored by Long-term Camera-Trapping 
한윤하 Han Youn-ha , 신원협 Shin Won-hyeop , 김지환 Kim Ji-hwan , 김도희 Kim Do-hee , 윤지원 Yun Ji-weon , 이석영 Yi Sok-young , 김용환 Kim Yong-hwan , 이승현 Lee Seung-hyeon , 송영근 Song Young-keun
KAYW 27(2) 55-65, 2024   
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Vascular Plants Distributed in Three Wetlands around Geumho River, Daegu Metropolitan City - Ganam Reservoir, Anshim Wetland and Jeomsae Swamp - 
유주한 You Ju-han
KAYW 27(2) 67-90, 2024   
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