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Instruction for authors

1. Qualifications of submission

(1)Enrolled members of the Korean Society of Environmental Restoration Technology are eligible for submission. Only collaborative research can include additional authors of non-members.
(2)Submitter is required to fulfill the obligation of the Korean Society of Environmental Restoration Technology.

2. Subject of submission

(1)Manuscripts that are qualified for submission must concern the topics of the journal. The journal publishes articles spanning a diverse range of fields that include research and development for restoration, creation, protection and management of diverse environment, as well as prediction, evaluation, and planning of various ecosystem or landscape dealing with environmental, economical and social sustainability.
(2)All submitted manuscripts should not be published or not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

3.Submitter's expense-bearing

(1)Authors should pay the expenses for judgement and publication.
(2)When total number of printing articles exceeds, additional fee will be charged.
(3)For a paper that received "publication rejected", the submitter must burden publication fee.
(4)Submitter should pay additional expenses when the number of color printing copies and separate volumes exceeds 30 piece.
(5) After make a payment of additional expenses, submitter is available to receive separate volumes.
- Manuscript that exceeds 8pages is charged extra payments of 30,000won per page.
- Submitter of research article, technical article, review article, and Special issues should burden 150,000won for the judgment(submission fee:70,000won, judgement fee:80,000won).

4. Submission of manuscript

(1)Author must submit manuscript as follows:1 original copy, 2 copies for judge, and 1 copy in disk. Submitted manuscript will not be returned.
(2)Authors should submit one final version of manuscripts on disk format.

5. Support information

Submission is available via e-mail or postal service.

Zip code 06130
606, Main hall of the Korean science technology, 7-22 TeheranRo, Gangnam, Seoul.
TEL:02-564-0042 FAX:02-564-0046

6. Format of manuscript

(1)Authors are required to use Korean or English.
(2)Use document editing software "Hangeul(HWP)" or "Microsoft Word". Authors could use Chinese character in title, proper noun, and academic jargon.
(3)For manuscript in Korean, please write abstract in English (85words, 25 lines and 1.5 pages standard or, 500 words). For manuscript in English , it must include abstract in Korean right-after the abstract in English.
(4)The body of manuscript should be written in the following order:abstract in English, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion (results and discussion), acknowledgement and literature cited. For the structure of the manuscript in English, the order will be same as manuscript in Korean, but abstract in English comes before the abstract in Korean.
(5)Keywords should be less than 5 phrases and should be Italicized on the bottom of abstract.
(6)Tables and figures should be written in English. Tables and figures should be printed in black.
(7)All sort of technical data should include drawings or processes of suggested technology.
(8)Technical figure must be created in use for engraving the original figure and the size of figure must not exceed twice the size of 1 page of the journal.
(9)Manuscript should be prepared according to the manuscript guidelines of the Korean Society of Environmental Restoration Technology.

7. Amount of manuscript

(1)For Korean research manuscript, it should be less than 8 pages (including figures, tables and pictures).
(2)Amount of manuscript is ruled as follows.
①In case of research paper in Korean, it must be within 80 squared manuscript papers and 200 characters for each paper (including figures, tables and pictures).
②In case of research paper in English, it must be, in word processer, within 65 words and 25 lines per each page and 20 pages for total (including figures, tables and pictures).
③Amount of manuscript of technical data must be within 70 squared manuscript papers and 200 characters per each paper (including constructed figures and contents).

8. Adoption and publication of manuscript

(1)The editorial board members will judge the content, structure, and any other matters of the manuscript.
(2)Judgement of manuscript is based on the obligated regulation of the Korean Society of Environmental Restoration Technology.
(3)The manuscript that is inadequate for submission should be rejected according to the decision of the editorial board.
(4)Submitter is responsible for content, order, misspelling and omitted words of received paper.
(5)Single author cannot publish his/her paper twice on same issues of the journal.
(6)Submitted papers will be judged within 14 days and authors must submit their revised papers within 30 days.
(7)Submitted paper must be resubmitted within 60 days after the revision requisitions are satisfied.

9. Annotation and citation

(1)For annotation, authors must follow the manuscript guideline of the Korean Society of Environmental Restoration Technology.
(2)For citation, authors must follow the manuscript guideline of the Korean Society of Environmental Restoration Technology.