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DOI : ,    Vol.27, No.2, 67 ~ 91, 2024
Vascular Plants Distributed in Three Wetlands around Geumho River, Daegu Metropolitan City - Ganam Reservoir, Anshim Wetland and Jeomsae Swamp -
유주한 You Ju-han
The purpose of this study is to present the ecological data for conservation and management of three wetlands by surveying the vascular plants in Ganam reservoir, Ahnshim wetland and Jeomsae swamp. The whole taxa of vascular plants were 376 taxa including 90 families, 252 genera, 341 species, 7 subspecies, 24 varieties, 2 forms, 1 hybrid and 1 cultivar, and the planted species were 66 taxa including Ginkgo biloba and so on. The rare plants were 7 taxa including Euryale ferox(VU), Aristolochia contorta (LC), Koelreuteria paniculata (VU), Sagittaria trifolia (DD), Hydrocharis dubia (LC), Ottelia alismoides(LC) and Sparganium stoloniferum(VU). The Korean endemic plant was 1 taxon of Lespedeza maritima. In total, there were 21 taxa of floristic target species including 1 taxon of garde V, 2 taxa of grade IV, 6 taxa of grade III, 5 taxa of grade II and 7 taxa of grade I. The hydrophytes were 51 taxa including 36 taxa of emergent species, each 6 taxa of floating-leaved and submerged species and 3 taxa of free-floating species. The invasive alien plants were 79 taxa including 75 taxa of naturalized plants and 4 taxa of casual alien plant. The ecosystem disturbing species 6 taxa including Sicyos angulatus, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, Lactuca seriola, Symphyotrichum pilosum, Paspalum distichum and Humulus scandens.
Key Words
Floristic Target Species, Hydrophyte, Invasive Alien Plant, Rare Plant
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