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DOI : ,    Vol.27, No.2, 29 ~ 43, 2024
Text Analysis on the Research Trends of Nature Restoration in Korea
이길상 Lee Gil-sang , 정예림 Jung Yee-r Im , 송영근 Song Young-keun , 이상혁 Lee Sang-hyuk , 손승우 Son Seung-woo
As a global response to climate and biodiversity challenges, there is an emphasis on the conservation and restoration of ecosystems that can simultaneously reduce carbon emissions and enhance biodiversity. This study comprised a text analysis and keyword extraction of 1,100 research papers addressing nature restoration in Korea, aiming to provide a quantative and systematic evaluation of domestic research trends in this field. To discern the major research topics of these papers, topic modeling was applied and correlations were established through network analysis. Research on nature restoration exhibited a mainly upward trend in 2002-2022 but with a slight recent decline. The most common keywords were “species,” “forest,” and “water”. Research topics were broadly classified into (1) predictions of habitat size and species distribution, (2) the conservation and utilization of natural resources in urban areas, (3) ecosystems and landscape managements in protected areas, (4) the planting and growth of vegetation, and (5) habitat formation methods. The number of studies on nature restoration are increasing across various domains in Korea, with each domain experiencing professional development.
Key Words
Bibliometric Analysis, Text Mining, Frequency, Topic Modeling, Network Analysis
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